About us

We specialize in outsourced product development services, we build software products for our customers where we provide services for the entire Lifecycle of product development. JAWK stands for Java and Web Knowledge, we started our company in 2010, primarily working in Java-J2ee and XML technologies. Along the way, we picked on Mobile Applications development as well, we have extensive experience in Android and iOS application development.

We are a technology focused company, we solve complex real world problems with very simple technical solutions. Our approach to software development is pragmatic - we provide solutions with minimal architectural complexity which in turn leads to writing very minimum number of lines of code for providing high quality solutions. Most of our development work consists of algorithmic solutions, where we create reusable piece of software components which can be used across the application. This way, our customers have very minimum baggage to carry forward, reducing or for certain modules completely eliminating the need for maintenance. We believe in keeping the code quality to the highest level. Our developers are habituated to think from all possible angles while devising a solution for a particular problem. This leads to minimal number of bugs which helps in minimizing the lengthy test cycles.

We believe in long term engagements where we would like to be long term partners to our customers to share risks and rewards. Almost all of our customers are continuing to work with us for several years now. Similarly, we have excellent employee retention since inception. Our long term perspective helps in having stable operations and stable relationships with our customers and employees.

A Note From Santosh Chandak, Founder and CEO

Back in 2010, I started working as a freelancer after working for over 5 years as a Java developer. I was a huge code geek, getting lost in writing code and building software products. Soon I realized I need more hands to serve multiple clients and the company started taking shape. Given my experience in building and leading teams, I was soon able to hire and groom some very awesome software developers.   

From 2012, we started building mobile apps along with web applications and soon found ourselves helping others bring their ideas to life. Our great problem solving skills and keen focus on technology enabled us to exceed client's expectations - part of the reason why many of our clients continue to work with us for many years.

When someone chooses to work with us, we take that very seriously and always ensure our clients are happy with the work. We always honor our commitments and give the right suggestions for all of our client's needs. Today, I'm very proud of the company we've become and are becoming. I believe we continue to do well because of our integrity, passion, and desire to do the best work of our careers.

Thanks for taking time for knowing more about us today. We'd be happy to hear from you, even if it's just to point you in the right direction.

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