Our deep understanding of data enables us to design algorithms to present large amount the data data in a meaningful way. Presenting the data in an optimal way with dashboards and custom selections enables users to derive actionable insights from the data and helps immensely in decision making.

Following are few of the projects that we have successfully completed -

  • Financial dashboard for workforce management project with graphic representation of budgets, actual labor costs, overtime, sales.
  • Dashboard for Document Management project where user content, tasks, actions are tracked and represented for further actions.
  • Dashboard for Patient Healthcare System showing patient vitals such as blood pressure, glucose levels, vital signs etc.

Workforce management system

We help Enterprises intelligently identify outliers and manage by exception. Our platform leverages proven, statistical algorithms to deliver the most powerful outcomes. Our simple interface allows users to easily fine-tune hundreds of data signals to understand and impact potential outcomes. Backed by today’s most advanced machine learning algorithms, our platform is constantly and proactively working to ensure that the content provided is relevant and useful.

  • Powerful & proven analytics
  • Adjust & predict outcomes
  • Machine aided

Index Score

Cura index score is a quantitative evaluation of the projects and employees. Each project and employee has assigned with the index score which defines his contribution to the business.The projects with low cost and high profit are assigned with high index score. This tool is developed for the top level management people who can analyse the current status of the business, projects and employees. It helps them in decision making.

  • Advanced Filters
  • Quantitative Analysis
  • Detailed Summary


Identifica dashboard provides completely organized and structured interface for the user. Users can access Identifica dashboard in any language using language translation feature. It makes easy for user to organize the activities like uploading, converting, translating, viewing and editing the files. It displays analytics of all files that are submitted in categories of your file submissions.

  • Language Translator
  • Perform Multiple Activities
  • File Submission Analytics
Disclaimer:- The Intellectual Property rights of all our work is owned by respective clients.