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Pragmatic Data

Is highly experienced in the integration, standardization, conversion, aggregation, management and analysis of complex data in the areas of science, healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Dr. Gunther Schadow, the founder of Pragmatic Data LLC, is an internationally known expert in healthcare information and knowledge representation standards for over 15 years. Over the years Pragmatic Data has developed highly efficient approaches to data management carefully balancing the use of standard data management methodology and software with highly innovative and flexible interfaces.

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Composite Apps

Is an engineering firm specializing in real time data analysis for both the commercial and defense sectors. Composite Apps has developed highly intelligent information frameworks and data mining tools that unlock the hidden treasures in existing data. The result is superb business intelligence in an easily understood display. Has successfully implemented solutions that make organizations more efficient, enable them to identify and create new products and take advantage of adjacent markets.

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Yadnya is thought leader in finance management domain. We help you grow your money and meet your financial goals. Our aim is to educate and simplify concepts of personal finance for every Indian! Visit our portal to know more - . Yadnya also provides classroom workshops and trainings for corporates, institutes and individuals.

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Is an innovative business solutions provider, with a focus on SAP process automation and Enterprise Mobility.Promenta delivers the projects and solutions, which can automate SAP master data, transactional and work-flow processes across any platform or device. Promenta offers unique automation solutions for SAP processes including the sectors such as energy, consumer goods, finance, life science, packaging, and manufacturing. Promenta is serving a number of fortune 500 companies, helping them enhance their performance through SAP process automation.

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