Today healthcare industry is challenged by various aspects like huge amount of patient data scattered in disparate systems, electronic medical record system to manage and retrieve patient data, ageing population etc. lack of knowledge of healthcare data.

With JAWK, you have a leverage of having domain experts with knowledge of not only patient data but also bioinformatics, drug and standard dictionaries (SNOMED, ICD etc.) data. JAWK team of technical developers and domain experts have hands-on experience in healthcare IT solutions.

Clinical data management : We specialize in clinical data management. We analyze patients' data and generate different types of reports by writing complex SQL queries. We store clinical study data from pdfs into database and then create various reports as requested by client. These pdfs have patients' clinical trial and biological samples data which is created from longitudinal studies (CAD and T2D) of the Indiana population, an ethnically diverse and health challenged population.

Acute Patient management system

This application leverages data at every level of a healthcare enterprise to modernize information governance. It edifies and bolsters healthcare information by sculpting it into familiar, meaningful expressions.

Empowering Doctors

Our solution intelligently filters and prioritizes the information you need today using advanced learning technologies that understand what’s important now. Read patient's stories and select multiple care plans for the patient.

Engaging Patients

Patients can clearly understand their goals and take ownership of their care investment. Patients can add care plans, understand goals and view relevant details.

Improving With Analytics

Revealing a holistic work process, resource allocation, and care plan best practice matrix. Note trends and tropes to better understand your patients and ecosystem.

Lung Cancer Navigator

This application is changing outcomes for people with lung cancer through research, education, and support. It is a application for lung cancer patients to manage their diagnosis.

Support team & Caregivers

Along with the patient, this application can be used by caregivers such as family members or friends, care providers such as physicians.

Patient's Activities

User receives alerts related to appointments reminders, medications and messages from other users. Collaborate with personalized caregiver team.

Explore Articles

Information section shows different articles about lung cancer, latest news. User can connect to the social media pages related to lung cancer and read blogs of experts.

Cab booking app

This application is used to manage cabs requested for patients. Also to manage appointments of patients with multiple user.

Request a Ride

Requester requests a ride for patient by filling patient's basic information. Book appointments for respective doctors from different health centers.Track details of the requested ride.

Approve a Ride

Approve a ride from approver's login. Can perform various actions such as deny request, ask for more information about patient/ride. View detailed information about rides, appointments on dashboard.

Manage Taxies

Taxi administrator manages the taxies, driver availability, ride management, billing and company details. Dashboard shows trip details and totals count for company managers, drivers, and taxies.

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