The biggest challenge that enterprises face today is to define the right set of business rules to define the data and then to make sense out of data, both structured and unstructured, scattered across various systems. The data could be stored in various systems - databases, file systems, documents like MS word or pdf, web pages etc. It therefore becomes important that this data is extracted and flown seamlessly and securely across various applications which need it.

Having deep understanding of various data representations, we specialize in enabling various systems to extract and manipulate the data and communicate with other systems. We have extensive expertise in data extraction and manipulation from Databases like SQL and XML, Websites, Documents like word, pdf, excel etc. We have developed various connectors which connect to databases, APIs, web services and make the data flow possible across applications. We have been working on integrating different kinds of systems together for a while now, and have established a proven methodology for solving integration issues. For data conversion, we make extensive use of SQLs, XPath, regular expressions.

Disclaimer:- The Intellectual Property rights of all our work is owned by respective clients.